Quality Service

We have dedicated service professionals that have extensive experience in Manor operations. We operate a full set of people during normal business hours and provide a subset during nights, weekends and bank holidays.

service around the clock

We provide emergency services outside normal business hours so that you can operate with calm during every minute of the year. That means that you can get help when ever you might need it and will get direct contact with a Manor specialist when you need to.

Your Contact

Normally your initial account manager will provide you with services throughout our business with us. You will build good relations to your account manager where he will know your operations well and provide good service.

Quality is number one

We actively monitor all aspects of quality in our systems and services. As such we routinely contact users to see if services are up to standard and if there is room for improvement.

Social Media Presence

We offer good insights into the Manor operations on social media. We also provide quick communication with users through facebook messanger. Users can visit the Manor facebook page for quick and direct communications with Manor specialists.

Please visit us on any of the following social media places.


Service Centre

Open 09:00 - 17:00 GMT all business days. Emergency services provided outside business hours.

+354 546-8000



We reply all letters within the day and if not then the next day after.


Facebook Messages

Our service centre monitors our Facebook messages and replies to all messages as quick as possible.