Manor Legal

Manor Legal

Specialized practice management system for lawyers that increases billable hours.


Most popular

Manor is the most popular legal software in Iceland used every day by hundreds of lawyers to grow their billable hours.

400+ Lawyers

Lawyers from all practice areas use Manor in their daily operations as sole practitioners, within legal firms or as in-house corporate counsel.

Extensive experience

Since 2012 we have provided valuable systems and services to our strategic partners in the legal industry. 



Increasing billable hours

Manor provides a unique interface for time keeping that renders more billable hours.

In the first month of Manor it was obvious that we were selling more hours.
— Mid-size law firm that started using Manor in 2016.

Same day performance now at 82%

Here is actual data from a 8 person firm that moved to Manor after 10 years of using low quality time keeping software. We imported all data and could see clearly how their same day performance changed.

More billable hours

Manor is a key system in growing billable hours where all user interface is specially designed to sell more hours.

Same day performance

Manor tracks how many hours you log on the same day as the work was performed. You get a measurable target to increase billable hours.

Fun to log time

With our unique graphical interface you can add time with increadible ease, making time-tracking easy and fun.



More hours awarded by the court

Judges want details when deciding on appropriate billable hours for the lawyer.

We are getting more hours awarded to us then we used to since we started using the detailed Manor work reports
— Litigation firm using Manor since 2016.

Easy to save billable hours

You can see all your hours in a graphical view so you can see right away if you forgot to log time somewhere and recover it quickly.

Real Time analysis

Our real time reporting are advanced and provide details for managers and partners about the current status of the business.

More billable hours

It takes only one minute to create an invoice in Manor and send it to your accounting software. Invoicing is finally easy.



Happy users

Our uses are of all shapes and sizes within the legal industry.


Features that increase revenue

Manor is ready-to-go system for all legal professionals.



Matter Managment

  • All matters in one place
  • Communication history
  • To do items
  • Many matter participants
  • Task delegation
  • File storage
  • Invoicing

Time Tracking

  • Specialized tracking interface
  • Approach to increase billable hours
  • Recover lost hours
  • Measurable targets
  • Graphical interface
  • Visible progress on dashboard
  • Suggestions for time description.


  • Many standard reports
  • Graphical reports
  • Real time reporting
  • Revenue reporting
  • Write-off reporting
  • Time keeping reporting
  • Employee analysis

Court orders

  • Powerful court orders database
  • New orders synced instantly
  • District Court orders since 2006
  • Supreme court orders since 1999
  • Link court orders with matters
  • Monitor court events


  • Þægilegt viðmót
  • Allir geta skuldað út
  • Aðeins þrjú skref
  • Tengingar við bókhaldskerfi
  • Góð yfrsýn yfr stöðu mála
  • Vandaðar vinnuskýrslur


  • 24 hour service centre.
  • Remote assistance
  • Cross platform approach
  • Constant access
  • Premium security
  • Backup services